Cabrini-Green: Frances Cabrini Rowhouses

Cabrini-Green was located north of downtown Chicago. Built in the 1940′s as a public housing development, it provided homes to economically challenged families. By the 1980’s, Cabrini-Green was quickly becoming one of the least desirable neighborhoods in the United States. Marked by segregation, riddled with crime and violence, the high rise complexes were considered dangerous and eventually demolished by 2011.

The longest standing housing within Cabrini-Green, the Frances Cabrini Rowhouses, remained full with people who were born and raised in Cabrini-Green. In an attempt to document the intimate moments of the lives of people who resided in the Frances Cabrini Rowhouses, I spent four years inside this community.
Through this project, I have thought about the meaning of society and about my role as a photographer in it. I hope these images remind the viewer of a Chicago neighborhood that has needed attention for many years. The existence of social vulnerability has been created and tolerated by our society. Our city and country has a responsibility to support its members, and help solve the problems our neighbors face. We are a society.


Tohoku, Japan 2012: One Year After

In April 2012, I visited Tohoku, Japan, which was devastated by the earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011. I traveled from Rikuzentakada, and then moved north to Oofunato, Kmaishi, Unosumai, Miyako, and Toro-city. These coastal cities were decimated. I went looking for images depicting “one year after” on a human level. I visited temporary housing communities, met people, and heard their stories. I wanted to document how residual the impact of such a disaster can be in a single person’s life.



Chicago Redline Station

Since I moved US, I have been documenting ordinary people and their lives in Chicago. Initially, I took general photographs, but I desired more intimacy in my images. I began working on short-term documentary projects. Those eventually led me to my first long-term project off Chicago Avenue, near the Red Line station. I photographed subjects struggling with poverty and drug addiction–on the street, as well as in their homes–for two years.



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My Sister

My sister passed away in October 2009. She helped me through difficult periods in my life. Our minds were connected even when we were physically separated; she lived in Japan and I in the US. When she died, I could do nothing for her except take photographs. Images are my memory and myself.